Who will be photographing my wedding?
Every wedding we photograph is done so by both Adam & Cyndi. We are in our sixth season shooting weddings together and love every minute of it! We work better as a team and believe you get the best coverage with two photographers.

What is your style?
Our style is a mix of photojournalism and fashion. For most of the day we follow you around, staying out of your way, capturing it as it’s happening. We focus on real moments and emotion don’t rely on posing you throughout the day. We do LOVE fun portrait sessions, though! We love to scope out awesome backgrounds and great light and direct you a little for some amazing shots you won’t find in your parents’ wedding album. We always take standard, posed portraits, too, because we understand the importance of the day. We try not to spend too long on those, though. The more time we have to capture “real” moments, the happier you’ll be with your photos!

Do you travel?
Absolutely! We love to travel and actually don’t charge travel fees for weddings in Arkansas or within 200 miles of Rogers (that gets you Tulsa and Kansas City!). If you are out of the state or the 200 mile radius, we charge actual travel fees, meaning we don’t make anything off of the travel charge. It doesn’t matter where you’re getting married… we would love to photograph it for you!

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use professional Nikon digital cameras and lenses. We have backups of everything to make sure we are able to get “the” shot.

Do you use flash during the ceremony?
No. We feel it disrupts the ceremony and annoys the guests. Also, most churches don’t allow flash photography during the ceremony, so we are one step ahead!

Do you recommend we see each other before the ceremony?
This is definitely a personal preference. We don’t want to push you in either direction, but do notice our couples who do see each other before the ceremony are a lot less nervous leading up to the ceremony. We can arrange a “first look” moment for you to see each other for the first time. You’ll get ready separately just like “normal” and when both are dressed and ready, we take the groom to a place with great light and get ready to snap away! The bride is sent in and the groom turns to see her as she’s walking up. At that moment, you’ll completely forget we’re there, but we’ll be capturing every smile, every tear, every laugh and every kiss.

Do you belong to any professional organizations?
Yes, we are members of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and the Digital Wedding Forum.

Why do you insist on us getting an engagement session?
The engagement session is a chance for you to see how we work and get some great pictures too! It is a way for us to get to know each other better and have a super fun time. We feel it’s so important, we include an engagement session with every wedding booking.